UK Polaris vehicles to become optionally manned platforms

by Olivia Savage

The MRZR-D4 (pictured here), a four-seater turbocharged vehicle intended for special forces operations. (US Marine Corps)

Rheinmetall will integrate its PATH Autonomy Kit (A-kit) – an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered navigation system – on UK Polaris MRZR-D4 light all-terrain vehicles as part of Project Theseus 2.2.

On 16 August, the company announced that it had received a contract on 21 February 2022 from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for Project Theseus. The contract includes the installation, training, spare parts, and technical support for PATH A-kit, as well as platform support on 11 Polaris MRZR-D4 vehicles.

Project Theseus is a British Army programme that seeks to investigate the potential of automating last-mile resupply.

The first batch of PATH A-kits has been delivered. Once completed, the MRZR-D4 can be manned or remotely operated, and will be capable of autonomous resupply missions in complex terrain, the company stated.

A Rheinmetall spokesperson was unable to provide further information at the time of publication.

PATH A-kit is an AI-powered system that converts manned military vehicles into optionally manned platforms and enables follow-me, convoy, and autonomous navigation. The project marks the first installation of the PATH A-kit on an MRZR-D4, the company noted.

MRZR is a family of light strike and reconnaissance vehicles designed for special forces on long-range patrols. MRZR-D4 is a four-seater version that is in use with the Royal Marines, and according to the Royal Navy, it is equipped for raiding missions.

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Rheinmetall will integrate its PATH Autonomy Kit (A-kit) – an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered n...

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