SCANNER - Social Media Intelligence

Scanner is a subscription product that provides analysis of the social media operating environment to support more effective online operations.

Scanner offers analysis of the social media activities of non-state groups and their supporters, along with practical insights to help intelligence customers gain advantages over their adversaries in the online operational space.

The product examines the activities of a wide range of non-state actors, from Islamist Extremists to the far-right and extreme right-wing, as well as single-issue extremist groups.

The service provides:

  • Analysis of the social media environment – what’s new, what’s changing, and how it impacts the analyst or online operator
  • Adversary Analysis – exactly how non-state groups are using multiple social media platforms
  • Good practice guidance on online tradecraft  - to help customers conduct safer, more efficient and effective online operations

What are the benefits of SCANNER?

Scanner will support you and your organisation to maintain a contemporaneous picture of the social media landscape as an environment for information collection and other online operations.

Clients will develop their practical knowledge and understanding in three key areas:

  • Platform intelligence: What platforms are being used by adversaries and how those platforms work
  • Adversary intelligence: How adversaries are using specific features of platforms to achieve their objectives
  • Tools and technology: Independent, hands-on assessments of third- party no-cost / low-cost tools to aid more efficient and effective social media intelligence activities.

Who is SCANNER for?

Scanner is aimed at defence, law enforcement and intelligence organisations involved in a wide range of strategic and operational intelligence activities.

The following public sector personas would find Scanner of particular relevance:

  • Counter terrorism law enforcement investigators
  • Counter terrorism intelligence analysts
  • Planners of information operations and strategic communication campaigns
  • Targeters and human intelligence (HUMINT) operators
  • National security policy analysts

How is SCANNER delivered?

Scanner reports are delivered through an e-learning platform used by Janes to deliver intelligence, education, and skills training to clients in visual, interactive formats.

Monthly reports will also be supported by a 1-2-1 teleconference briefing delivered once per quarter. The briefings, which will last one hour, will allow JIU analysts to conduct live-walkthroughs of social media platforms, demonstrate useful online tradecraft, and address any questions clients have in regards to the monthly reporting. 

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SCANNER - Social Media Intelligence Scanner offers analysis and practical insights of the social media activities of non-state groups and their supporters