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  • Joining forces for MEWP [DSEI17D3]

    Elbit Systems UK and Lockheed Martin UK have signed a strategic teaming agreement to partner in pursuit of the UK Royal Navy’s (RN’s) forthcoming Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme (MEWP).

  • Stop interfering [DSEI17D3]

    Multiple radio and other communications systems in a congested environment cause radio frequency (RF) interference, which can dramatically reduce optimal communications. UK-based Cobham (Stand S6-150) this week announced its new integrated communications environment (ICE) product range as a solution.

  • Vehicle intercom [DSEI17D3]

    Sweden-based Invisio Communications (Stand N3-360) has a new product category. Its vehicle intercom system, shown at DSEI this week, will be commercially available in late 2018.

  • Having sight of the shooting [DSEI17D3]

    As winner of a tender for optronic upgrades at the Canjeurs combined forces shooting training range (CETIA), French company Bertin Technologies (Stand N7-450) was given the green light by the French Ministry of Defence to install its PeriSight (pictured) and FusionSight.

  • Say after me [DSEI17D3]

    UK group The Big Word (Stand N9-502) has just been awarded a new contract to provide interpreting services to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in Ukraine.

  • Solid barrier [DSEI17D3]

    Protecting troops and other military assets has taken many forms over the ages. Now, UK-based J&S Franklin (Stand N9-184) offers a modern solution that is both simple yet highly effective.


    FN HERSTAL (Stand N2-333) provides military, law enforcement and special units around the globe with a complete range of state-of- the-art, ground-breaking solutions developed around small-calibre firearms and ammunition.

  • Land Zone Static Display [DSEI17D3]

    NIMR (Stand N10-110) AJBAN 440A (main picture) has the latest technologies in ballistic and blast protection, designed for the most rigorous use in the harshest environments. HAFEET ambulance (inset) is a 6x6 armoured ambulance designed to be highly configurable to provide trauma medical care on the battlefield.

  • Medical Engagement Zone Demonstrations [DSEI17D3]

    CitizenAID Demonstration (Stand N3-590) CitizenAID is a philanthropic initiative with a core focus being the empowerment of the public through the necessary skills and knowledge to save lives in the event of a terror attack, all the more pertinent in recent years. Having released an app, pocket guide and accredited training course, among other material recently, its demonstrations will provide a perfect opportunity to understand the extraordinary work it is doing but also to see the principles of spreading this knowledge.