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  • A Royal Navy milestone [DSEI17D1]

    The introduction of the Royal Navy’s two new 65,000-tonne Queen Elizabeth class (QEC) aircraft carriers marks the start of a ‘‘new era of British maritime power’’, according to First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sir Philip Jones.

  • Gripen turns aggressor [DSEI17D1]

    Today, Saab (Stand N2-230) is unveiling the latest member of its Gripen multirole fighter family. The Gripen Aggressor is a proposal aimed at providing a high-end ‘Red Air’ adversary aircraft.

  • MAPLE makes positive progress [DSEI17D1]

    Science and technology group QinetiQ (Stands S2-550 and S2-341) has been awarded a £4.5 million contract by the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to lead Phase 4 of the Maritime Autonomous Platform Exploitation (MAPLE) project.

  • SATCOM for the Queen [DSEI17D1]

    Military satellite communications kit installed on the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth provided vital connectivity during the ship’s sea trials ahead of its arrival in Portsmouth in August.

  • RN orders workboat fleet [DSEI17D1]

    Atlas Elektronik UK (AEUK) (Stand S9-460) is to supply and support a new fleet of modular, multipurpose workboats for the UK Royal Navy (RN) under a £48 million Ministry of Defence (MoD) contract. To be known as the SEA class, the new modular and reconfigurable craft, ranging from 11m to 18m in length, will be derived from the 11m platform already in production for AEUK’s ARCIMS (Atlas Remote Capability Integrated Mission Suite) system.

  • Boost to performance, payload and protection [DSEI17D1]

    Finnish company Patria (Stand N6-160) has brought its latest Armoured Modular Vehicle XP to DSEI. XP stands for extra performance, payload and protection, the vehicle offering a maximum potential gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 32 tonnes, compared with the standard AMV, which has a GVW of 27 tonnes.

  • Inspection validates world’s longest aircraft [DSEI17D1]

    Technicians from Hybrid Air Vehicles (Stand S4-350) have completed the first full inspection of the company’s Airlander 10 hybrid airship/ aircraft. The first annual inspection of the hull revealed no major issues, and validated the inspection and maintenance access system. The system is an important element of Airlander’s ability to operate in the open from fields without hangarage.

  • A fine Frigate [DSEI17D1]

    Manufacture of the first Type 26 City-class frigate for the Royal Navy (RN) has begun at BAE Systems Naval Ships’ facility at Govan on the Clyde. Construction of the future HMS Glasgow, the first of a planned class of eight ships, officially started on 20 July with a steel-cutting ceremony at the Govan yard.

  • Sea Ceptor fired up [DSEI17D1]

    The Royal Navy (RN) Type 23 Duke-class frigate HMS Argyll has completed initial firings of the new GWS 35 Sea Ceptor local area air defence system, the first end-to-end tests from a ship platform.

  • Step up for light vehicle [DSEI17D1]

    Supacat (Stand N9-360) is launching the latest version of its high-performance off-road Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) here at DSEI. The LRV600 is in 6x6 configuration and is a follow-on to its previously revealed LRV400 4x4 vehicle.

  • Cirit gains thermobaric option [DSEI17D1]

    Turkish missile house Roketsan (Stand N7-110) has added a thermobaric warhead option to the Cirit 2.75in laser-guided missile. The weapon was previously only available with a high-explosive warhead or a multipurpose warhead with anti-personnel, anti-armour and incendiary effects.

  • Cyber assets are safe [DSEI17D1]

    Given the increasingly sophisticated threats to cyber assets, it is hardly surprising that companies such as Switzerland-based RUAG Defence (Stand S8-160) focus on security solutions.

  • Hunter emerges [DSEI17D1]

    BMT Defence Services (Stand S3-360) has unveiled an innovative mine countermeasures (MCM) platform concept designed and configured to exploit next-generation offboard vehicles, mission systems and operational concepts.

  • Seaspray radars for Bangladesh [DSEI17D1]

    Leonardo’s Airborne and Space Systems division has signed a contract with RUAG Aviation to provide Seaspray 5000E surveillance radars for the two new-production model Dornier 228 multirole aircraft recently ordered by the Bangladesh Navy.

  • Shared Infrastructure role [DSEI17D1]

    Aish Technologies is celebrating its contribution to the development of a common shared computing architecture being rolled out across the Royal Navy (RN) surface fleet.

  • Better acoustics, more capability [DSEI17D1]

    Cohort plc business unit SEA (Stand S6-240) has introduced a new version of its KraitArray 16mm thin line towed ASW sonar, which is triple the length and is able to carry up to 128 acoustic channels. Building on the 50m variant that SEA already offers, the 150m sonar system will have better acoustic performance, support multiple modules, and consume less power than legacy models.

  • Enhanced situational awareness for USVs [DSEI17D1]

    Radar sensor processing and display specialist Cambridge Pixel (Stand S4-352) is supplying its radar tracking and fusion software to ASV Global to enhance situational awareness on ASV’s range of unmanned surface vessels (USVs).

  • Haptic robot feels as it moves [DSEI17D1]

    Fresh on the back of bagging a coveted award to provide its T7 explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) for the UK MoD’s Project Starter, Harris Corporation (Stand N5-120) is seeking other opportunities for the robot as terrorism and improvised explosive device (IED) use continue to spread worldwide.

  • Outboard diesel engine makes debut [DSEI17D1]

    A full production OXE Diesel 200hp outboard diesel engine is being introduced here at DSEI.

  • Cannon ready to fire [DSEI17D1]

    Under an Urgent Needs Requirement, the US Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Europe is to rapidly acquire a batch of Stryker (8x8) infantry combat vehicles fitted with the Kongsberg Medium Calibre Remote Weapon Station (MCRWS) armed with the latest Orbital ATK Armament Systems (Stand S2-266) 30mm XM813 cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.