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  • Uncooled cameras offer cost-effective thermal imaging [IDEX19D2]

    First-time IDEX exhibitor Silent Sentinel (Stand 05-C04, UK Pavilion) has launched a brand-new range of advanced uncooled thermal cameras. Features of the cameras allow customers to benefit from enhanced performance with overall lower life-cycle costs normally associated with cooled thermal imaging.

  • Make it safe [IDEX19D2]

    With almost 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of sport shooting accessories, Franco Resco knows exactly how to safely operate a pistol. His Pretoria-based Rescomp Handgun Technologies (RHT) is exhibiting with UAE company Romco as part of Remah International Group (Stand CP-310, UAE Pavilion).

  • Countering drone attacks [IDEX19D2]

    DroneShield, a global leader in drone detection and countermeasures, is showing its latest product line – including DroneSentry, DroneGun Tactical and DroneNode – as part of the Team Defence Australia pavilion (Stand 07-C04).

  • Fuel and water when you need it [IDEX19D2]

    Military logisticians understand that fuel and water storage and supply are vital to ensuring tactical advantage to deployed forces. Drawing on 20 years’ experience, Thielmann WEW is ready to meet this need with its turnkey integrated water and fuel camp infrastructure capabilities.

  • Drone detection for Oman [IDEX19D2]

    Radio frequency/microwave specialist Aaronia (Stand 08- C18, German Pavilion) has been contracted by the Omani government to provide AARTOS drone detection systems at airports throughout the Sultanate. Working with R & N Khimji LLC, Aaronia’s systems have been successfully demonstrated in Oman, and are now installed at Muscat International Airport, making it the first airport in the world to have a publicly acknowledged operational drone detection system.

  • More power with less weight [IDEX19D2]

    German weapons company Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND; Stand 11-C05) has introduced a new version of its popular RGW90 HEAT/HESH shoulder-launched disposable recoilless anti-tank weapon.

  • ADRIAN counters UAV threat [IDEX19D2]

    Small, mini and micro unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are improving in capability and fast proliferating.

  • Secure on wheels [IDEX19D2]

    Renowned for an array of solutions, from route clearance technologies, military, police and security vehicles to border patrol, South African firm DCD Protected Mobility (Stand 12-C40) is highlighting its Springbuck HD and SD vehicles, as well as the innovative Husky 2G mine detection system.

  • Tactical equipment [IDEX19D2]

    Finnish company Authorities Gear (Stand 06-A35) is showing a range of its tactical products, notably belts, vests and plate carriers.

  • Keep a watchful eye [IDEX19D2]

    Having developed and manufactured unmanned aerial system (UAS) subsystems for 30 years, South Africa’s Tellumat (Stand 12-C40) is showing ASTUS II, its firstever fullscale UAS, this week.

  • Versatile and rugged tablets [IDEX19D2]

    California-based DT Research (Stand 03-B17) is showing its latest range of rugged tablets and computing solutions for military and other advanced applications.

  • Backpackable UGV [IDEX19D2]

    ECA Group (Stand 07-B57) is showcasing the latest member of its Cameleon unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) family. Designed to be carried in a backpack, Cameleon LG weighs just 12kg but can carry a payload of up to 15kg.

  • Intelligent microwave technology [IDEX19D2]

    Second-time IDEX exhibitor TMD Technologies (Stand 05-C32, UK Pavilion) is showing a range of its latest advanced products for air, land and sea defence applications.

  • Wiring the SVJ [IDEX19D2]

    Located within the secure Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi, Rockford Xellerix (Stand C5-005) specialises in wiring, interconnect and system solutions.