Air-Launched Weapons

MBDA conducts first end-to-end test firing of Marte ER

17 February 2020

MBDA conducted the first end-to-end testing of the Marte ER ASuW missile at the Italian Ministry of Defence PISQ test range in Sardinia in February. The test was the second of three planned firings. Source: MBDA

MBDA has completed the second of three planned test firings in the design, development, and qualification programme of the Marte ER anti-surface warfare (ASuW) missile.

Designed to confirm the overall design and performance of the missile, the end-to-end test firing was conducted in early February at the Italian Ministry of Defence Joint Forces Salto di Quirra test range (Poligono Interforze del Salto di Quirra, PISQ) in Sardinia, marking what MBDA described as "a critical milestone in [the Marte ER's] development path". The first firing was conducted at the same facility in November 2018.

For the latest test, a representative series-production (naval/ground version) missile with pre-qualification level components was installed at a PISQ ashore test facility, with the flight conducted over the Salto di Quirra to achieve the missile's intended range at a target out to sea.

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