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Surface Navy 2020: Potential USN ammo could turn LCS into counter-drone ship

15 January 2020

A new kind of ammunition round being pursued by Northrop Grumman for the on-board Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) gun system could help the US Navy (USN) counter drone attacks, according to Kevin Knowles, the head of business development for LCS/Unmanned Surface Vessel programmes.

Northrop Grumman has the lead for LCS mission module package development and is looking at replacing the normal high-explosive ammunition with a round that would create an explosive burst in vicinity of a drone, Knowles told Jane’s , relying on proximity instead of trying for very difficult pinpoint accuracy of a single high-explosive round.

“In the rear of the round there’s an alternator that spins, generating the power for electronics inside the round,” Knowles explained during a briefing at the 2020 Surface Navy Association National Symposium.

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