Intel Briefing: Defence Budgets Annual Report 2019

06 January 2020

This is an extract of a 60 minute live webcast available to subscribers of Jane's Intelligence Centres. Jane’s provides a series of regular 60 minute webcasts on a variety of defence and security topics. These briefings provide you with the opportunity to listen to the latest insights from our analysts. Following a 6% surge in global defence expenditure in 2018, growth stalled in 2019 primarily as a result of a drop in US spending. With potential economic headwinds on the horizon and strategic focus gradually shifting Eastward, what are the prospects for defence spending over the coming years? This abridged 12 minute briefing will utilise data taken from the Jane's Defence Budgets in order to examine the key global defence expenditure developments over the course of 2019 and to assess the trends that are expected to affect military budgets over the next decade. Specifically, Jane's experts will cover: - A summary of the current global defence spending environment as well as projections for the next 5-10 years - Detailed examination of the US FY20 budget and wider North - America trends - Assessments of regional trends in Latin America, Europe, MENA, Russia & CIS and ASPAC - Discussion of developments in key countries and identification of key growth markets -A review of global, regional, and national defence procurement s spending and trends.

Content from the briefing is compiled fromJane's Defence Industry and Markets Intelligence Centre

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