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Identifying a market for a transformable air-ground robot

20 November 2019

Robotic Research is working to find a military market for Pegasus, a UAV-UGV combo. Source: Robotic Research

Robotic Research's Pegasus may be fielded to select US Special Forces, but the company is facing challenges breaking into a US military market that can't quite figure out how to classify a drone that can both fly and navigate on land.

On 19 November, the company held a media day in Clarksburg, Maryland, to show off its newest projects. Included in the mix was a 'transformable' vehicle dubbed Pegasus - part unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and part unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

"You can fly to a location and once you land in that building, for example ... you can drive to a location that you're interested in and then recovery is easy because you can fly away, as well. This sequential use of fly-drive-fly gets you to places that no other robot can take you," president and co-founder Alberto Lacaze explained.

While the platform was developed for the special forces, it is not yet a US military programme of record, and Lacaze said the company is having some challenges finding a home for this new robot class.

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