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Arms and Security 2019: Infocom displays new Scorpion combat UGV

11 October 2019

Ukrainian company Infocom unveiled its new Scorpion combat unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at the Arms and Security exhibition held in Kiev on 8–11 October.

Infocom unveiled its new Scorpion UGV at Arms and Security 2019. (Infocom)Infocom unveiled its new Scorpion UGV at Arms and Security 2019. (Infocom)

The tracked UGV has been designed for combat operations and is described by the company as a mobile, multifunctional, unmanned fire, and tactical reconnaissance device.

The platform can reinforce dismounted troops and three used together can provide a fire system for the active defence of a squadron. Scorpion is fitted with a PK machine gun with a 250 7.62×54 mm R round ammunition box with two rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) tubes.

Various levels of autonomy are offered, including ‘follow me’, waypoint navigation, and ‘return home’.

Two NVIDIA Jetson on-board computers provide navigation, as well as all-round processing of all objects and obstacles in a neural network. Two programmable logical controllers (PLCs) provide movement of the platform and the turret. The unit can be remotely operated up to a distance of 2 km and can be controlled by voice, gestures, smart glasses, smart phone, tablet, or PC. Quadcopters can also be used as relays to extend this range.

Four cameras, as well as radar, provide situational awareness to the rear and front of the vehicle.

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