DSEI 2019

Effective Guardians [DSEI19D4]

13 September 2019

Responding to the continued proliferation and evolution of remotely controlled bombs, Leonardo (Stand S5-100) has introduced two additions to its Guardian family of counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) products.

While cheap to make and often relatively low-tech in their design, radio-controlled IEDs constitute a deadly threat to vehicle-borne and dismounted ground forces. Moreover, insurgent groups and terrorists are quick to adopt new technologies that can overcome previous C-IED generations.

Leonardo in the UK has more than 30 years' experience in the design and manufacture of C-IED systems designed to afford ground forces improved protection against roadside bombs and other concealed explosive devices. Some 25,000 of these systems have been delivered to date, performing successfully in combat zones such as Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Leonardo's two new versions − Guardian HR and Guardian HFE − are designed to overcome enemy forces' attempts to bypass current C-IED technology. Guardian HR, claimed to be the most advanced vehicle-borne radio-controlled IED jammer on the market, is a responsive jamming system based on a software-reconfigurable architecture, offering an enduring capability to meet the changing threat environment and specific user requirements.

Responsive jamming focuses power against a specific threat signal instead of using a barrage of lower-power jamming energy. A reprogrammable software-defined architecture affords additional flexibility to the system by allowing updates via a software download − similar to the installation of an app on a mobile phone.

Another feature of Guardian HR is its extended-frequency coverage across the 20MHz- 6GHz bandwidth. This gives the system the ability to block the higher-frequency signals used by some mobile phone devices.

Leonardo has also introduced Guardian HFE as a high-frequency extension for operators of existing vehicle-mounted C-IED systems such Guardian H3. Successfully trialled by the Italian Army in June this year, Guardian HFE can also be configured as an add-on to other third-party C-IED systems.

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