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IMDS 2019: High Precision Systems delivers Palma AAGMs to Russian Navy, foreign customers

12 July 2019

The Palma naval anti-aircraft gun-missile system. Source: Dmitry Fediushko

Russia's holding company High Precision Systems, a subsidiary of Rostec, has completed deliveries of 10 Palma naval anti-aircraft gun-missile (AAGM) systems to the Russian Navy and foreign customers, a company representative told Jane's at the International Maritime Defence Show 2019 (IMDS 2019) in St Petersburg on 10 July.

"The Palma has been [certified and tested] with 12 of the newest classes of [Russian] naval ships with displacements ranging from 250 tonnes to 5,400 tonnes. Ten AAGM systems are now being operated," he said, adding that the deliveries of the systems to the Russian Navy and foreign navies had started in 2011.

According to the holding company's representative, the Palma fires new armour-piercing reduced calibre (APCR) 30 mm rounds with a W-Ni-Fe penetrator. "One such APCR round destroys the warheads of both existing and advanced anti-ship missiles," he said.

The Palma can be supplied in a stationary configuration to protect offshore installations, naval bases, and other sensitive shore-based objects.

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