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Belarus signs contract with Russia for additional T-72B3s

04 July 2019

The T-72B3 upgrade is designed to turn the basic T-72 into a modern fighting platform. This is mostly due to its Sosna-U sight that allows the vehicle to engage targets at 3,000 m using a thermal imager. Source: Russian MoD

Belarus has signed a contract with Uralvagonzavod for the modernisation of 11 T-72B main battle tanks (MBTs) to the T-72B3 standard, according to a 25 June statement released from the Belarusian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The press statement says the contract was signed as a

result of a meeting at the Army 2019 exhibition held in Kubinka, Russia, from 25-30 June, and that the vehicles will be delivered between now and next year.

The press release adds that a contract was also signed with Russian aircraft manufacturer Irkut, covering the installation of Talisman self-protection systems onto Belarusian Yak-130 aircraft.

The T-72B3 is an economical upgrade designed to turn older T-72 MBTs into a viable platform for the modern battlespace. It provides the vehicle with a Sosna-U sight that includes a thermal imaging channel as well as improved armour and a modestly improved 125 mm main gun.

Belarus has already received at least 24 T-72B3 obr.2016 vehicles, which have a more powerful engine and further improved armour over the T-72B3. It is unclear whether the vehicles referred to in the latest press release will be at this standard.

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