Infantry Weapons

Indian Army looking to procure LMGs

21 May 2019

A team of Indian Army (IA) officers is evaluating 7.62 mm (7.62×51) light machine guns (LMGs) manufactured by vendors in Bulgaria, Israel, and South Korea to meet the force's immediate requirement for 16,400 LMGs.

Official sources told Jane's that the IA-led group, which also includes Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials, left New Delhi around mid-May and will visit Arsenal JSCo in Bulgaria, Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), and S&T Motiv in South Korea to appraise the companies' respective LMGs.

Thereafter it will invite either all three, or at least two, of them to India for 'confirmatory trials' using indigenously made LMG ammunition before shortlisting one weapon system for purchase, starting price negotiations, and signing the deal.

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