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Brazil’s Ares unveils upgraded M113 MB1 APC

17 April 2019

Ares Aeroespacial e Defesa, a Brazilian subsidiary of Elbit Systems, is marketing an upgrade package for the Brazilian Army’s M113BR armoured personnel carriers (APCs) that includes the company’s REMAX III lightweight remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS). The army has shown interest in adding the system to a number of vehicles, an industry source told Jane’s .

BAE Systems, together with Brazilian Army, has modernised 150 M113Bs to the M113BR configuration (a local designation for the M113A2 Mk1 standard) and is completing a second batch of 236 APCs. All the M113BRs retain the original protected machine gun mount.

An M113 MB1 APC is shown with the REMAX III weapon station and Sentinel and IronVision systems. (Victor Barreira)An M113 MB1 APC is shown with the REMAX III weapon station and Sentinel and IronVision systems. (Victor Barreira)

A Brazilian Navy Marine Corps M113 MB1 APC, with the REMAX III armed with a 12.7×99 mm M2HB machine gun, was unveiled at the LAAD Defence and Security in April in Rio de Janeiro. The vehicle’s W&E Platt MR555 ringmount was temporarily removed and replaced by the REMAX III.

The weapon system was integrated into an M113 MB1 instead of the M113BR because of the proximity of the former, which is based in Rio de Janeiro. The new REMAX IV could eventually emerge as another potential solution for the M113BR.

Ares also proposed adding OIP Sensor Systems’ Sentinel 360° day and night surveillance system for improved situational awareness. Elbit Systems IronVision full 360° situational awareness system was also installed to the M113 MB1 for demonstration.

REMAX III, which was developed in co-operation with Brazilian Army Technological Center (CTEx), is essentially composed of a gyro-stabilised turret mounting 7.62×51 mm MAG58 or M2HB machine gun, four 76 mm smoke grenade dischargers, and OIP Sensor Systems Eoptris 2.0 electro-optical payload. It is controlled by a mission management system positioned inside the vehicle.

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