Land Platforms

Bahraini military operating M-ATV vehicles

15 April 2019

The Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) has revealed it has been operating Oshkosh M-ATV light armoured vehicles in Yemen.

The BDF, which was not previously known to operate the M-ATV, released a promotional English-language video on 14 April that highlighted its achievements, including its contribution to the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Houthi rebels since 2015.

The footage used to illustrate the BDF's involvement in Yemenshowed a convoy of more than 20 M-ATVs – some of them flying Bahraini flags – moving along a road in a desert area.

At least two, including one with a Bahraini flag, were fitted with bar armour kits and Dynamit Nobel Defence FeWaS/Rafael Samson remotely operated weapon stations, a combination also used by the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE’s) forces in Yemen, while others had manually operated weapon stations.

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