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The results are in…the winners of the Jane’s ATC Awards have been revealed!

12 March 2019

The 19th annual Jane's ATC Awards, sponsored by Raytheon, took place on 12 March 2019 at the World ATM Congress in Madrid, recognising projects to improve airspace capacity, efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability.

MADRID (12 March) - IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO), a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions, today announced the winners of the Jane's ATC Awards at a ceremony held during World ATM Congress.

"Today we recognise high achievement in air traffic management, as the industry continues to innovate and collaborate in search of effective solutions that improve safety, increase efficiency, and contribute to a better experience for the travelling public," said Ben Vogel, editor of Jane's Airport Review.

"We're delighted to host these awards for the 19th consecutive year, and we thank the panel of judges who faced an extremely difficult task in picking the winners. We also appreciate the support of Raytheon, our sponsors, for their support in helping to make this event possible."

Contenders were shortlisted and a winning entry in each category was selected by an independent panel of experienced judges from the SESAR Deployment Manager, EUROCONTROL, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA), and IHS Markit.

The winners

The winners are summarized below, with honourable mentions for the shortlisted entries.

Enabling Technology Award: NATS, Leidos and Heathrow Airport Limited

The Enabling Technology Award is awarded for contributions to enhanced capacity and safety; this year it goes to NATS, Leidos and Heathrow Airport Limited.

In 2018, Heathrow became the first airport to use enhanced Time-Based Separation (eTBS) procedures with RECAT EU wake vortex categories for arrivals and departures.

By modelling the compression between aircraft pairs, controllers can manage separation to the runway threshold, and determine the time an aircraft spends on the runway. In the first four full months of operation, Heathrow averaged 1.4 additional landings per hour on top of previous benefits achieved by TBS.


  • Altitude Angel, NATS, Manchester Airport, and Frequentis - Operation Zenith real-life drone demonstration
  • EUROCONTROL IANS - Inside ATM e-learning package for all
  • SITAONAIR and Collins Aerospace, with EUROCONTROL MUAC and DFS - VDL Mode 2 Multi-Frequency Deployment in line with ELSA Model B

Environment Award: CRIDA

The Environment Award recognises work on green ATM concepts, and this year it goes to the CRIDA research centre in Spain.

CRIDA developed an automated monitoring and management tool for ENAIRE, called PERSEO-EMISSIONS, to assist the air navigation service provider's (ANSP) performance-based navigation strategy.

Efficiency calculations are based on the Advanced Emission Model from EUROCONTROL, and enhanced with a holding stack simulation model from ENAIRE. The metrics are computed in line with the Single Sky Performance Scheme.

ENAIRE has used PERSEO-EMISSIONS to assess new performance-based navigation procedures, for example Point Merge in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.


  • DSNA and Air France, with partners Airbus and ESSP - triple, independent parallel PBN/ILS approach procedures at Paris CDG and Le Bourget
  • GCANS, Iraq CAA, Serco - reopening Baghdad FIR to overflights
  • Seville University and project partners - TBO-Met SESAR project

Runway Award: Indra Navia, SkySoft-ATM, Zurich Airport and skyguide

The Runway/Approach Award is given for efforts to improve safety and efficiency in the runway and final approach, and in 2019 it was won by Indra Navia, SkySoft-ATM, Zurich Airport and skyguide.

Swiss ANSP skyguide - with support from Indra Navia, SkySoft-ATM, skyguide and Zürich Airport - recently completed the rollout of the Advanced Runway Safety Improvement (ARSI) system, restoring throughput capacity during complex runway configurations at the airport.

The team reduced the complexity of using advanced systems by focusing on how apron and tower controllers use technology. In the process, the improvements have also helped to improve situational awareness for controllers. Today, controllers at Zürich perform runway crossing clearances with a single click, compared to five interactions with three systems previously.


  • Cranfield University, UK - digital control tower and Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC)
  • Saab ATM and US Federal Aviation Administration - Runway Status Lights (RWSL) rollout
  • Saipher ATC - TATIC TWR in Brazil

Service Provision Award: ENAIRE

The ATC Award for Service Provision recognizes contributions to safe and efficient airspace, and this year goes to ENAIRE for their development of a suite of tailored web applications called the Flow Tools Ecosystem, to improve flight management efficiency in Spain.

The toolkit was implemented with agile methodologies, to achieve very short development cycles and pave the way for rapid entry into service. The result is a growing set of solutions to solve critical problems, helping the Spanish ANSP achieve its safety, capacity and delay-reduction objectives. For example, an arrival balancing tool applied to the Barcelona terminal manoeuvring area (TMA) cut ATC capacity delays by 4.9 percent.


  • AZANS - Azerbaijan Airspace Supervision & Efficiency Centre
  • Clayton J Lloyd International Airport, Anguilla - GNSS instrument approach implementation after Hurricane Irma
  • skyguide - Service Oriented Architecture in ATM Live Operations (SOA ALPS)

Technology Award: Frequentis, Qantas and Smart4Aviation

The ATC for Technology is awarded to reflect significant contributions by equipment and systems suppliers. This year, it is awarded to Frequentis, Qantas and Smart4Aviation.

Frequentis worked in Australia with Smart4Aviation to develop a complete flight planning platform for Qantas, centred on an advanced route optimiser.

The scalability of cloud computing, and ingestion of rich datasets from external sources, allows Qantas to continually assess and adjust planned paths en-route. This delivers increased safety through more accurate fuel prediction and efficiency via fuel savings.

Results to date for Qantas include 0.6 percent lower fuel burn per flight, leading to lower carbon emissions.


  • DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung - remote control of Saarbrücken traffic from Leipzig centre
  • Micro Nav - Military Air Systems Control Simulator and Simulated ATM Training Facility for UK Royal Navy
  • NAV CANADA, NATS - full operations in all London sectors of EXCDS electronic integrated flight data system

Innovation Award: COCTA project team

Novel concepts and solutions that raise performance are recognised at the ATC Awards by the Innovation Award, which in 2019 goes to the COCTA project team.

A team of researchers, led by the University of Belgrade, developed a concept called Coordinated Capacity Ordering and Trajectory Pricing for Better-Performing ATM (COCTA). This was designed to strengthen the role of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager by combining co-ordinated capacity provision with a novel approach for demand management.

The team developed a complex optimisation model and applied it to a large-scale case study involving more than 11,000 flights from eight ANSPs in highly congested European airspace.


  • EUROCONTROL - CONOPS development for dual-frequency multi-constellation GNSS
  • MALORCA consortium - machine-learning speech recognition system for controller communications
  • R-WAKE consortium, coordinated by GTD - evidence-based proposal of wake separation minima adjustments for en-route operations


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About the Jane's ATC Awards

Held annually since 2001, the awards celebrate improvements in ATC and airspace management during the past year. Nominations are assessed by a panel of judges from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Eurocontrol, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Association (IFATCA), Jane's and the SESAR Deployment Manager.

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  • Mk 20 Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS)

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