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IDEX 2018: Singapore’s ST Engineering launches SRAMS 120 mm Mk II

21 February 2019

Singapore's ST Engineering Land Systems has completed the development and testing of new version of its 120 mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS), called the Mk II, and new ammunition for it.The latest ST Engineering 120 mm SRAMS Mk II features an all-electric elevation and traverse system. (Christopher F Foss)The latest ST Engineering 120 mm SRAMS Mk II features an all-electric elevation and traverse system. (Christopher F Foss)

The original 120 mm SRAMS featured hydraulic elevation and traverse, but the latest SRAMS Mk II has all-electric elevation and traverse with the latter increased to 180 o left and right, according to James Soon of ST Engineering Land Systems. This is laid onto the target using a computerised fire control system (FCS) by the operator, via a flat panel display and associated controls. It can fire 10 rounds a minute.

The latest suite of ST Engineering 120 mm ammunition includes the PM120 precision guided mortar bomb (PG MB), Extended Range High Explosive (ER HE), ER Infra-Red Red Phosphorous (IR RP) and ER Illuminating. These are all designed for use with smoothbore mortar systems.

The 120 mm PM120 is GPS guided and the company quoted a maximum range of up to 8.5 km and a circular error probable (CEP) of 10 m. The HE warhead contains 2.8 kg of TNT. ER HE also contains 2.8 kg of TNT but this can be insensitive munition (IM) compliant if requested by the customer and is fitted with a DM111A4/A5 nose mounted fuze. Maximum muzzle velocity was being quoted as 408 m/s and maximum range of up to 9 km.

The ER RP contains three smoke canisters and is fitted with a MTSQ DM93 fuze, with a maximum muzzle velocity of 408 m/s and a maximum range of up to 9 km, ST Engineering said. The ER illuminating round has the same fuze, muzzle velocity, and range as the ER RP and has an illuminating intensity of 1.25 million cd. There is also the option of IR Illuminating.

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