IDEX 2019

Polonez on the market [IDEX19D5]

21 February 2019

Belarus’ BelSpetsVneshTechnika (Stand 10-028) has confirmed that its Polonez ground-to-ground missile system is now in quantity production for the Belarusian Army and is already being offered on the export market.

Key elements of the Polonez are the combat control vehicle based on a 6x6 truck, a combat vehicle launcher and trans-loader based on an 8x8 truck, a technical maintenance vehicle based on a 6x6 truck, and the actual rockets.

The systems fires 301mm diameter rockets. The B-300 has a range between 120km and 300km and the B-200 rocket has a 50-200km range.

Each launcher has two pods each of four rockets in a sealed container, which are elevated prior to launch.

The launcher on the rear of the platform can be traversed 30° left and right. The system only takes eight minutes to come into action and launch its rockets, and takes less than two minutes to come out of action. It would then deploy to a reloading area where the trans-loader would load new pods of rockets in less than 20 minutes.

Target information would be received on the launcher for a target acquisition system such as an unmanned aerial vehicle, with this being fed into the computerised fire control system, which also includes a land navigation system.

The two-stage solid propellant rockets are fitted with a nose-mounted control system that contains the combined guidance system, which uses an inertial navigation system/satellite navigation system to provide a precision effect.

The 8x8 trucks used are the MZKT-7930-300.

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