IDEX 2019

Shock-proof seats [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

Boats operating in the open ocean are often subject to large shock and vibration forces, especially when designed for continuous, high-speed patrols. Exposure to such forces can lead to discomfort, spinal injuries and performance degradation, especially when exposed to forces in the vertical axis. Suspension seating isolates the occupant from the effects of vibration and impact at sea.

Shoxs (Stand A-022) shock-mitigating seating was selected for the captain and officers’ seating of a high-speed offshore patrol vessel, which has been acquired by a Middle Eastern coast guard, to keep the crew comfortable and injury-free while underway.

Shoxs seats are specifically designed and engineered to reduce the risk of operator injury and impact exposure in harsh marine conditions. This design by Shoxs and Ares Shipyard of Turkey features a shock-mitigating seat base to counteract impacts from wave movement, and an ergonomically shaped carbon fibre bucket seat.

For more than a decade, Shoxs has been an innovator in the marine seating industry, from pioneering semi-active suspension seat technology to its current presence on maritime fleets worldwide, and has challenged the limits of possibility.

Many of the first seats ever sold by Shoxs are still on the water today, despite their extreme applications.

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