IDEX 2019

Remote firepower [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

Besides showing a range of its renowned vehicle systems, South African defence group Denel (Stand 12-C40) has its latest RCG30 remote-controlled turret on display this week.

Based on the structure seen on Denel’s Badger infantry combat turret, the RCG30 remote turret (pictured) uses the Denel Land Systems 30x173mm GI-30 CamGun with a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun. It is developed by Denel’s Mechatronics business unit, which also supplies the fire control system. According to Denel, the low profile and low weight (2,000kg) turret is ideal for lighter 8x8 and tactical 6x6 vehicles.

While it does not protrude into the hull, the operator controls the remote turret from inside the vehicle. Reloading of the weapon system is also done from inside the vehicle. Excellent stabilisation with an independent sight enables firing on the move at an effective range up to 3,000m. The weapons can elevate from -10° to 30° and the turret is equipped with auxiliary power should the main power supply fail.

According to Denel, there is a definite market requirement for this ITAR-free system. It has undergone successful trials, mainly on Denel’s Badger and the Malaysian Army’s PARS infantry fighting vehicle, and is production-ready.

Also on display will be the SDROW (self-defence remotely operated weapon) turret, equipped with Denel’s 20x42mm Inkunzi Strike weapon. The integrated weapon system combines explosive power and accuracy in a compact and lightweight package.

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