IDEX 2019

Trial by fire [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

After the successful launch of GaardTech’s TARGETS (Tank and Reconnaissance Ground Enemy Target Systems), the Australian Defence Force (ADF) purchased eight systems for M1A1 Tank and ASLAV live fire at the School of Armour in late November.

Furthermore, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has purchased surface-to-air missile targets. These systems will be put to the test in early 2019 and will enable RAAF pilots to identify and destroy high-value targets.

Founding director Steen Bisgaard commented: “To see the ADF purchasing and putting the targets to the test is extremely exciting and proves the training value and uniqueness of our product offering.

GaardTech intends to work closely with its customers to ensure the enemy force target arrays we provide replicate what they will see on the battlefield; not just in the visual and thermal spectrum, but radar, EW and cyber also. Owning the best weapon system is historically not a safe laurel to rest on. Combat success and national security will only occur when the force operating it is trained to employ it against a thinking and motivated opponent.”

The company produces 3D/3D-Mobile military vehicles in full size, which can be static or fitted with a robotic capability, enabling the ‘enemy’ to advance and attack. This enables the complexity and stress of enemy action to be experienced by the joint force, while being visually exposed to real-world threats. Its 2D metal silhouette targets are also full size and provide cost-effective practice for basic direct fire training.

GaardTech (Stand 07-C04) is expanding its Brisbane-based fabrication facility this year and is taking aim at export markets with attendance here as part of TDA.

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