IDEX 2019

The coolest body armour [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

Soldiers can work in extreme conditions, where different negative influences from the surrounding area act on them.

Besides high temperatures above 30°C, there is also the possibility of fire, water, dust and mechanical loads, etc.

One of the greatest problems occurs when a soldier experiences thermal overload as the consequence of exposure to the weight of the equipment and the hours of activity. This means that when performing work in a warm environment, the temperature range of the human core (between 36°C and 38°C), as well as the temperature on the skin surface (between 20°C and 35°C), can change very quickly.

Slight deviations from the normal condition are acceptable for short periods of time; however, long-term exposure to heat can have a negative impact.

In response to this problem, Slovenian company Prevent & Deloza (Stand 10-B15), in co-operation with the army and police, has developed a passive system for cooling down soldiers, especially for wearing under ballistic protection.

The system is composed of knitwear that efficiently extracts heat and moisture from underneath the ballistic protection.

Additional functional material provides the quickest evaporation of excess moisture and ensures an adequate extraction and storage of excessive heat. By adding the evaporative part, the company claims, an additional 3°C of cooling has been achieved after 30 minutes of activity.

The cooling effect lasts for more than 12 hours of active use; then the product is simply soaked in cold water, and the effect of cooling is reactivated.

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