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Surface Navy 2019: Raytheon prepares to demonstrate its Barracuda MCM in 2019

15 January 2019

Raytheon is seeking to test an early prototype of its Barracuda mine neutralisation system later in 2019 as well as demonstrate aspects of the system during the US Navy's (USN's) 2019 Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX).

"We have early prototypes to demonstrate the autonomy and propulsion, and the different aspects of the [what the] production unit will do," Randy Brandenburg, senior director, strategic initiatives for Raytheon told Jane's .

The company is now developing the overall design of the Barracuda effector, he added.

Barracuda is a low-cost expendable, autonomous, unmanned mine countermeasure system designed to identify and neutralise bottom, near surface, and drifting sea mines.

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