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Croatia cancels procurement of Israeli F-16 Barak

15 January 2019

On 14 January the Croatian government officially cancelled its March 2018 decision on the winner of its international fighter aircraft procurement bid.

This has followed months of speculation about Israel suffering problems obtaining third party transfer (TPT) permission from the US for the sale of 12 F-16 C/D Block 30 Barak fighter aircraft to Croatia. The situation escalated in December, with the US government telling Congress that all Israeli upgrades and modifications had to be removed beforehand in order for the transfer to be approved.

Viewing these conditions as ‘insurmountable obstacles’ to the delivery of the aircraft, Israel sent a Ministry of Defence (MoD) delegation to Zagreb on 10 January, and after long consultations confirmed that it was not able to provide the required TPT permits, thereby cancelling the fighter procurement.

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