Military Capabilities

UK releases Modernising Defence Programme

18 December 2018

UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson presented the long-awaited Modernising Defence Programme (MDP) to the House of Commons on 18 December.

The report is entitled 'Mobilising, Modernising & Transforming Defence', reflecting its three priorities, which Williamson identified as: "Firstly, we will mobilise, making more of what we already have to make our current force more lethal and better able to protect our security. ... Secondly, we will modernise, embracing new technologies to assure our competitive edge. ... Thirdly, we will transform, radically changing the way we do business in defence."

Williamson recalled that these priorities were supported by an extra GBP1.8 billion (USD2.3 billion) in funding allocated for defence for 2018-19, including the GBP1 billion rise in the UK's 2019 defence budget released in November.

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