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US Army moves IMI Systems’ Iron Fist into next testing phase, prepares for fielding

14 December 2018

The US Army confirmed on 12 December that testing of IMI Systems' Iron Fist active protection system (APS) on M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles will move forward to the next phase following an assessment of the technology by the service's Requirements Oversight Council (AROC) in late November.

"After reviewing the results of the Army Test and Evaluation Command's testing, the AROC determined that the Iron Fist system improved the survivability of the Bradley fighting vehicle without meaningful impact to the vehicle's performance or increased risk to dismounted soldiers," an army spokeswoman told Jane's .

The Israeli technology designed to down incoming threats, such as incoming rocket-propelled grenades, will now move into the next phase of urgent qualification testing, while the service plans to urgently field "at least a brigade's worth of capability", she added.

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