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Endeavor Robotics reveals Scorpion UGV details

14 December 2018

The Scorpion UGV is one of the finalists in the US Army’s Common Robotic System-Individual programme. Source: Endeavor Robotics

Endeavor Robotics has unveiled the design of its Scorpion unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that it is pushing for the US Army's Common Robotic System-Individual (CRS-I) programme.

The Scorpion is a clean-sheet design weighing less than 11 kg. Its light weight ensures that it is backpackable and carried by one individual. The ruggedised, tracked platform is highly mobile and can traverse rough terrain, climb stairs, as well as operate in wet or submerged environments.

The UGV can be controlled via a universal controller that features uPoint and MOCU-4 software, enabling operators to view and control other UGVs and UAVs simultaneously. The display can also present multiple video streams, while pre-set functions allow the operator to rapidly position the vehicle.

"With Scorpion, we've incorporated a number of new design elements and technology that will directly benefit explosive ordnance disposal teams and the warfighter in general," Endeavor CEO Sean Bielat told Jane's .

"Many of the advancements are around manipulation and mobility," he said, noting that the UGV is equipped with a patented flipper design that enables it to be self-righting.

"Scorpion includes more cameras than most other UGVs, located in areas that help operators better control the vehicle and manipulate objects, including an optional patented inline gripper camera that stays stationary while the gripper rotates," he added.

The UGV incorporates a manipulator arm that can lift loads of up to 6.8 kg. The arm can extend out to a maximum reach of 61 cm and rotate 360°.

It is also equipped with seven high-definition day and night cameras for enhanced situational awareness, while its open-architecture design enables the vehicle to be configured quickly. It can be repaired on the field using 3D printed parts.

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