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Brazilian Army looks to replace its 105 mm towed howitzers

10 December 2018

The existing 105 mm howitzer inventory includes the L118 Light Gun purchased from Royal Ordnance Factory in the early 1990s. Source: Victor Barreira

The Brazilian Army is looking to replace its inventory of 105 mm towed howitzers into a single line of BAE Systems M119 Light Gun 105 mm system, it recently told Jane's .

As part of the Field Artillery System subprogramme of the Army Strategic Program for 'Obtaining Full Operational Capacity', the effort is designed to restructure the field artillery portfolio and provide ground troops with adequate and precise firepower by 2031.

The service currently fields 134 M101s, 67 M101A1s, 60 M56s, and 40 L118 Light Gun howitzers. By fielding a single system, the service is looking to improve training, operation, and logistics, while also providing enhanced mobility and firepower to the service's field artillery units.

The M119 is a 30-calibre lightweight howitzer featuring L20A1 ordnance. It can be towed by a truck or carried as a helicopter underslung load. It fires standard NATO 105 mm ammunition and includes provision to incorporate digital and automated fire control systems, muzzle velocity radar, sight, and a compact electro-optical sensor.

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