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Belarus upgrades APC fleet with new BTR-70MB1 variant

07 December 2018

The BTR-70MB1 APC during an Independence Day parade in Minsk. Source: Dmitry Fediushko

The Belarusian armed forces are upgrading their fleet of armoured personnel carriers (APCs), a Belarusian military source told Jane's .

"The military's BTR-70 APCs are being modernised to the BTR-70MB1 level, and 32 more carriers will have been delivered to the troops by the end of 2019," the source said. The BTR-70MB1s will replace older APCs, such as the BTR-70 and BTR-60PB, in the Belarusian army's first-tier units.

The BTR-70MB1 is an upgraded variant of the BTR-70, and the upgrade converts it to a standard similar to the BTR-80, Jane's has learned. "Belarusian industry produces no armour hulls, and we have to rebuild aging APCs, bringing them to a relatively modern level," a source from 140 Repair Plant, the manufacturer of the BTR-70MB1, told Jane's .

The BTR-70MB1 weighs about 13 tonnes and is 7.7 m long, 2.9 m wide, and 2.32 m high. The troop compartment has protection to Level 1/Level 2 STANAG 4569, and the 14.5 mm KPVT and Kalashnikov 7.62 mm PKT weapons have remained the same from the original.

Compared with the baseline BTR-70, however, the BTR-70MB1 replaces the legacy two ZMZ-4905 petroleum engines with a 260-hp KAMAZ-7403 Russian-made diesel engine that also powers the BTR-80.

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