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Warrior 2 completes unmanned firing trials

07 December 2018

The Warrior 2 during its trials. An important element of the upgrade is the stabilised cannon that allows the vehicle to fire on the move, a capability that improves both its lethality and survivability on the modern battlefield. Source: Lockheed Martin UK

Lockheed Martin UK’s Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) demonstration vehicle (Warrior 2) completed its unmanned live firing trials at the Five Tips Firing Range in Lulworth, Dorset, at the end of November.

The company’s WCSP director, Lee Fellows, told Jane’s on 5 December, “The vehicles are now out in the field successfully proving the enhanced capability and upgrades through live mobility and firing trials, demonstrating reliability to the customer.”

During the unmanned firing trials, WCSP demonstration vehicles covered more than 2,000 km and fired more than 150 rounds from the CT40 cased telescope weapon system. The completion of the unmanned firing trials means that it is now safe to move on to manned firing trials with the vehicle.

The next step for the WCSP programme is manned live fire and reliability growth trials. Lockheed Martin UK told Jane’s that it had started training British soldiers to use the new capability ahead of the manned trials.

“This is an absolutely critical capability for a modern army and I’m now looking forward to progressing to the next stage of the demonstration programme,” said Fellows

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