Indo Defence 2018: Italian Leonardo Defense Systems HITFACT 120MM turret

26 November 2018

Christopher F Foss talks about the Italian Leonardo Defense Systems HITFACT 120MM turret for Centauro 2 (8 x 8) Mobile Gun System (scale model) as shown at Indo Defence 2018. Italy has placed its first production contract for a batch of CIO Centauro II 120 mm Mobile Gun Systems. These are fitted with a new generation HITFACT 120 turret designed by the now Leonardo Defense Systems that is armed with a manually loaded 120 mm smooth bore gun that can fire standard NATO ammunition.

This is coupled to a computerised fire control system which enables stationary and moving targets to be engaged under almost all weather conditions while the Centauro II MGS is stationary or moving,

Centauro II is the long term replacement for the currently deployed Centauro I armed with a 105 mm rifled gun.

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