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Russian deploys new CBRN vehicle to Syria

15 November 2018

The RKhM-6 is seen with its thermal imaging system deployed is seen in a still from the Russia 24 footage. Source: Russia 24

Russia has deployed its newest chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) reconnaissance vehicle to Syria to operate with military police units patrolling the Idlib de-escalation zone.

An RKhM-6 vehicle was seen in footage shown by the Russia 24 television network on 7 November that was filmed near the Syrian town of Muhradah, which is on the southern boundary of the de-escalation zone to the west of Hamah city.

Russian soldiers were seen using the vehicle's thermal imaging system to monitor and displaying the vehicle's CBRN sensors to the camera crew.

The RKhM-6 appeared to be assigned to work with a platoon-sized unit of Russian Military Police personnel, who were based within a Syrian army position.

The Arzamas Machinery Plant has been delivering RKhM-6 variants of the BTR-80 series armoured personnel carrier to the Russian army since 2012. It has not previously been seen in Syria and the Russian soldiers interviewed by Russia 24 said this was the system's "first test under combat conditions".

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