SMASH and grab [ID18D3]

09 November 2018

Turkish company Aselsan (Hall A, Stand A50R) is promoting its SMASH 30mm remote-controlled stabilised naval gun system in the region as the main armament of coastal craft or as a secondary armament of larger surface craft.

The version on display at Indo Defence is armed with the US Northrop Grumman, Armament Systems (previously ATK Armament Systems) 30mm Bushmaster MK44 dual-feed cannon, with two magazines each holding 75 rounds of ready-use ammunition.

The MK44 cannon has been built in large numbers for land and naval applications, but other weapons could be fitted, according to Aselsan.

The stabilised independent sensor pod is mounted externally on the right side and includes a thermal camera, day camera, and laser rangefinder and an automatic tracker is also provided.

Traverse is 360° when a slip ring is fitted and elevation is from -15° to +55° at 60°/ second.

The weapon is laid onto target by the gunner using a flat-panel display but it can also have automatic slew to targets assigned from the ship’s C3 system or target designator.

In addition to the actual mount and its associated sensor package and operator’s station, other key elements include the gun control unit, fire control computer, gun interface unit, inclinometer, servo controller, slip ring, batteries and associated charging unit.

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