Towed sonar array in miniature [ID18D3]

09 November 2018

Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) (UK Pavilion) is showcasing its KraitArray towed sonar array, which it claims could offer a low-cost and easily integrated capability for regional navies looking to upgrade their respective antisubmarine warfare capabilities.

The towed array is smaller than legacy acoustic sensors of this type, and is a low-power miniaturised system that can be integrated in a number of ways, including via a winch from a vessel, towed from an unmanned underwater vehicle, or even laid on a seabed. It is just 16mm in diameter, which SEA claims is a significant reduction in size compared with legacy systems. KraitArray further benefits from being able to connect via an analogue or digital interface, and includes 32 acoustic channels.

It is not used in the Asia-Pacific region at the moment, David Hinds, vice-president of strategic accounts at SEA, told the Show Daily, but has potential to be a system of interest to nations in this area. Regionally, it could be used to monitor human trafficking or illegal fishing, for example, and in support of border security or the monitoring of EEZ, of which Indonesia, with its thousands of islands, has many.

KraitArray is currently integrated and deployed on the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider UUV, because its low size, weight and power mean that it is suited to solar-powered platforms.

SEA is also promoting its torpedo launcher system, which can launch NATO-standard calibre munitions, and is attracting interest from a number of nations in the region. “We have lots of interest in this because the nations in this region are agnostic to NATO-standard calibres,” Hinds noted.

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