Rapid action [ID18D2]

07 November 2018

Spanish company EXPAL (Hall A, Stand A260) is displaying its EXPAL Integrated Mortar System (EIMOS), which is being marketed in both 60mm and 81mm versions, depending on the customer’s requirements.

EIMOS can be integrated onto a wide range of platforms, such as the Spanish URO VAMTAC (4x4) high-mobility vehicle, which is in service in large numbers with the Spanish Army.

The 60mm or 81mm muzzle-loaded mortar is mounted on a turntable on the rear of the platform, with electric traverse through a full 360° to enable it to be rapidly laid onto the target.

To reduce the stress on the platform, the mortar is fitted with a hydropneumatic recoil system, which is claimed to reduce the recoil force by 90 per cent. This means that, unlike some other mobile mortar systems, no stabilisers have to be lowered to the ground before a target is engaged.

The mortar is coupled to a computerised fire control system and a land navigation system, which enables it to rapidly come into action, carry out a fire mission and redeploy before being located and engaged by enemy forces.

Maximum range depends on the mortar bomb and its associated charge, but for a 60mm mortar it is typically 4,900m, and for an 81mm mortar 6,900m, with ammunition natures including high-explosive, smoke and illuminating.

It is understood that the first export customer for the EIMOS system was Bahrain, which has integrated the 81mm version on the URO VAMTAC ST5 (4x4) cross-country chassis. In addition to the 81mm EIMOS, it is understood that Bahrain also took delivery of the associated fire control system, communications, forward observer and an unmanned aerial vehicle for target reconnaissance.

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