Powerful performer [ID18D2]

07 November 2018

Ukrspecexport (Hall B, Stand B042) of Ukraine is emphasising a range of weapons at Indo Defence, including the latest man-portable Skif anti-tank guided weapon system (ATGW), which is already in quantity production. The Skif system consists of the missile in its disposable launcher tube, the missile guidance package and sighting system and the adjustable tripod.

There are two calibres of Skif missile: the R2S with a diameter of 130mm and a maximum range of 5,000m, with the tandem high-explosive anti-tank warhead capable of penetrating 800mm of steel armour protected by explosive reactive armour (ERA); and the heavier R2M, which has a diameter of 152mm, a range of 5,500m and can penetrate 1,100mm of armour protected by ERA.

The missile is of the laser beam riding type with automatic target tracking; all the operator has to do is to keep his sight on the target until missile impact. With most man-portable ATGWs, the operator is alongside the launcher, but with Skif he can be positioned up to 75m away, which increases his survivability.

Ukraine is also marketing tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles, the latter including the BTR-4M (8x8) amphibious armoured personnel carrier, which has been supplied to the Indonesian Marines.

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