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Airshow China 2018: CASC testing TL-4 ATGW

08 November 2018

CASC is about to complete trials of its new TL-4 ATGW system, company officials told at Airshow China 2018. Source: Dmitry Fediushko

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is testing its newest TL-4 anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) system, a company representative told Jane’s at the 6–11 November Airshow China 2018 defence exhibition in Zhuhai.

The firm is about to complete trials using the system’s anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), said the official, adding that about 40 TL-4 missiles have already been test-fired, successfully destroying the intended targets. The missile is housed in a protective launch container that is 1.2 m long, 174 mm wide, and 178 mm high. Its weight, with the missile enclosed within, is stated to be 28.5 kg. The man-portable variant of the system comprises a tripod-mounted guidance unit and two munitions and can be transported to the battlefield by three soldiers, the representative added.

The TL-4 missile can be fitted with either a tandem shaped-charge anti-armour warhead or a high-explosive fragmentation warhead. The ATGM is controlled by an inertial measurement unit coupled with an infrared (IR) seeker. The ATGM uses a wireless datalink to transfer video data from its IR seeker to the guidance unit, and can engage a target at a distance ranging between 0.5 km and 6 km, the manufacturer said without specifying the ATGM’s armour-piercing capacity.

The guidance unit of the TL-4 weighs 30 kg and incorporates both daylight and thermal channels. The unit can detect a target at a distance of up to 6.5 km during the day and 6 km at night. “The TL-4 anti-tank system features a continuous working time of approximately one hour and is activated in about 30 seconds,” said the company official. The system’s tripod has a traverse angle between –60° and 60°, and an elevation angle between –10° and 10°.

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