Military Capabilities

Mexican military shows off new equipment

24 September 2018

The Mexican armed forces presented new weapons and vehicles during the country’s Independence Day parade, held in Mexico City on 16 September.

The event saw 18,420 military and federal police personnel parade in front of President Enrique Pe?a Nieto, together with an air display featuring 177 aircraft from the Mexican Air Force (FAM) and Mexican Naval Aviation.

The air display notably featured two Northrop F-5E/F fighters, not seen in the parade since 2016. The FAM’s F-5 fleet has been partially grounded for the last two years while their J85 engines are overhauled by RUAG in Switzerland.

Several army special forces and cavalry troops were noted during the parade to be carrying Dynamit Nobel Defence RGW 60 and Nammo M72 LAW rocket launchers, which had not previously been observed and have probably been delivered recently.

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