Africa Aerospace & Defence 2018

Fire missions for maximum effect [AAD18D2]

20 September 2018

Denel Land Systems is showing its latest T5 155mm/52 calibre truck-mounted gun system, which has recently completed a highly successful firing demonstration in an undisclosed country in Asia. This is now regarded as production ready and the latest version incorporates a small number of improvements as a result of customer feedback.

The T5 155mm/52 consists of a Tatra T815 (8x8) high-mobility cross-country truck chassis, on the rear of which is integrated the complete top carriage of its 155mm/52 calibre G5 towed artillery system, which has already been fully qualified. Compared with a conventional towed 155mm artillery system, the T5 155mm/52 cal system can come into action much more quickly, carry out a fire mission and redeploy before any counter battery fire can be returned, as well as having greater tactical and strategic mobility.

Trials have shown that the system can come into action within 50 seconds, fire three rounds within 15 seconds, and thereafter move to a new position within 40 seconds after the last round is fired. It is fitted with a computerised fire control system, which includes navigation, pointing and onboard ballistic calculation, and can receive target information on the move from a battery command post or from a forward observer.

The 155mm ordnance has a 23-litre chamber, which complies with the NATO joint ballistic memorandum of understanding, and is fitted with a muzzle brake and fume extractor. It can carry out multiple-round simultaneous impact fire missions for maximum target effect.

In addition to having a high level of mobility, the T5 155mm/52 cal SP artillery system has a high rate of fire because 155mm projectiles are lifted three at a time from the ground by an automated power-operated projectile-loading crane and then loaded into the ordnance via a magazine and push rammer. An auxiliary power unit allows all functions to be carried out with the main engine switched off.

Denel Land Systems anticipates a contract from the South African National Defence Force for six versions of the truck-mounted gun system, but fitted with the 155mm/45 calibre ordnance.

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