Africa Aerospace & Defence 2018

Optimal electronics can provide a technological edge [AAD18D2]

20 September 2018

US-based company Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions (Hangar 3, Stand CE9a), a business segment of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, has a long-established history as a leading supplier in support of the critical capabilities required by modern ground, naval and aerospace platforms.

Its rugged commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) building blocks help customers rapidly deploy today's most advanced commercial electronics in support of these critical applications.

The company's products range from solutions for high-performance C4ISR applications to cost-sensitive compact mission computers and network switches. It offers a broad selection of SWaP-C-optimised COTS line-replaceable modules (LRMs) and fully integrated line replaceable units (LRUs).

From in-vehicle networking, mission computing, and fire control processors, to complete turret drive stabilisation and ammunition handling systems, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions designs and delivers systems and components needed to ensure that ground vehicles have the technical edge on today's battlefield.

Many of today's advanced combat vehicles, including South Africa's Badger Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV, pictured), feature Curtiss-Wright's electronic turret drive aiming and stabilisation systems.

In the aerospace environment, Curtiss-Wright technologies operate on board many military fixed-wing, rotorcraft and UAV platforms. As a global leader in airborne data acquisition (DAS) technologies, the company provides one of the world's most widely installed DAS solutions to acquire, consolidate, analyse and record all sensor and avionics data on board aircraft.

Shipborne helicopters rely on the company's landing systems, while it also provides customised cable handling systems for variable depth sonar deployment, towed line array handling systems for surface and submarine applications.

Whether enduring the intense heat of a desert tarmac, the subzero temperatures encountered during high-altitude flight, or the extreme shock and vibration of spacecraft launch, Curtiss- Wright's products deliver optimal performance under the harshest conditions.

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