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Russian MiG-31 crashes, crew ejects

20 September 2018

A Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) MiG-31 ʻFoxhoundʼ interceptor crashed in the central Nizhny Novgorod region of the country on 19 September, state media reported.

The twin-seat combat aircraft came down not long after take-off, with the RT news agency saying that flames were reported before it impacted the ground in a remote area. Both crew members ejected safely.

No further details were disclosed, but it is usual for VKS policy to temporarily ground aircraft types following an accident while an investigation is carried out. Such flight suspensions usually last a few days.

Despite several crashes over recent years, the MiG-31 remains a highly potent long-range interceptor, thanks largely to its NIIP N007 S-800 SBI-16 (RP-31) Zaslon or Zaslon-A electronically scanned, phased-array fire-control radar (NATO codename ʻFlash Danceʼ).

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