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Army 2018: Russia unveils Sosna SHORAD system production version

23 August 2018

Russia publicly unveiled for the first time a serial production example of the Sosna SHORAD system mounted on the MTLB chassis at Army 2018. Source: IHS Markit/Mark Cazalet

Russia for the first time publicly unveiled a serial production example of the Sosna short-range air-defence (SHORAD) system mounted on the MTLB chassis at the Army 2018 exhibition being held in Kubinka, near Moscow, on 21-26 August.

The Sosna is a point defence turret developed by Nudelmann Design Bureau, which has also been shown mounted on the BMD-4 chassis. On the MTLB chassis the complete system is known as Sosna, but on the BMD-4 chassis the complete system is known as the Ptitselov. The manufacturer has stated that the turret and the complete system are called Sosna, but also added that Sosna is the export variant and the variant in Russian service is called Bagul’nik.

The turret can be fitted to other platforms that meet customer requirements. The system has a crew of two: the driver and gunner. It is equipped with an optical sensor suite, which includes a long-range thermal camera that is used for target acquisition and fire control.

The system is armed with 12 9M340 missiles that are held in their transport-launch containers and arranged in two banks of six, one bank on either side of the turret. The missiles are of a layout similar to the 9M331 missiles used by the 2K22 Tunguska system, with their large boosters and dart-like unpowered guided missile, but use laser-beam-riding guidance and not radio-frequency control. The 38 kg missile incorporates a large high-explosive warhead with impact and proximity fuzes. Each bank of missiles can be independently elevated. The missiles have a maximum linear range of 10 km and up to 5 km in altitude. The 132 mm booster gives the missile a maximum speed of 900 m/s at burnout, after which the low-drag 72 mm dart portion flies unpowered.

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