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Russia unveils T-15 HIFV armed with 57 mm cannon

23 August 2018

Russia unveiled its T-15 HIFV armed with a 57 mm cannon at the Army 2018 exhibition. Source: IHS Markit/Mark Cazalet

Russia has unveiled a variant of the T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle (HIFV) fitted with a 57 mm auto-cannon set in a remote turret at the Army 2018 exhibition being held in Kubinka, near Moscow, on 21-26 August.

The cannon is most likely based on that used by the previous AU-220M combat module. The cannon itself is based on an advanced version of the AZP-57 used by the S-60 towed anti-aircraft (AA) gun system.

The turret is equipped with an independent panoramic commander sight and an independently traversable gunner sight. The main armament is complemented by a coaxial machine gun and a bank of two 9M120-1 Ataka laser-beam-riding and/or radio-frequency-link guided missiles located on the right-hand side of the turret.

The 57 mm cannon can be fitted with a thermal sleeve. Various sensor arrays are mounted on the upper chassis and arranged around the turret, with optical sensors to detect threats such as laser illumination, in addition to six radar sensor blocks. The two larger radar sensors are thought to be linked to the hard-kill portion of the Afghanit active protection system (APS) that covers the frontal arc. The remaining four smaller blocks are thought to be used by the soft-kill part of the Afghanit APS, covering a full 360° circle around the vehicle.

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