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Army 2018: TsNIITochMash details exoskeleton development

23 August 2018

The TsNIITochMash exoskeleton is modelled during Army 2018. Source: Rostec

The TsNIITochMash design bureau, a Rostec subsidiary, unveiled its new exoskeleton during the Army 2018 show held near Moscow on 21–26 August, saying it has been tested in a combat environment.

The exoskeleton is made of lightweight carbon fibre and has a weight varying between 4 and 8 kg, depending on configuration. The manufacturer says it enables a soldier to carry a load of about 50 kg.

“During the tests, a serviceman was carrying a 15 kg backpack, an armour vest without ballistic plates, four loaded magazines, and the SR-3M compact assault rifle. His physical abilities and combat capacities were as if he had put on only protection equipment,” a designer of the exoskeleton told Jane’s . “The exoskeleton has been fully integrated with the Ratnik soldier ensemble. It is almost ready to enter serial production,” he added.

The company said the exoskeleton had been successfully tested during military operations in Syria and had been trialled by special units of Russian law enforcement agencies.

TsNIITochMash has also designed a semi-active exoskeleton designated MEP-05-3R that is currently in trials, according to the representative. “This modification is fitted with a ‘third arm’, which can carry a cargo with a weight of up to 15 kg. A soldier can easily carry a general-purpose machine gun; for instance, the Kalashnikov PKM or the Pecheneg,” he said.

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