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ASC International reveals its Hilux-based Hornet SOV

19 June 2018
ASC International has displayed its Hornet SOV for the first time, and revealed it is working on a 6x6 variant. Source: Shaun Connors

ASC International displayed its Hornet Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) for the first time and told Jane’s that development of a larger 6×6 variant should be complete by the end of summer.

The Hornet SOV began development in 2016 and is based on a much-modified Toyota Hilux.

Its design was optimised for capability and on-the-ground mobility; it is not designed to be internally transportable by CH-47 Chinook helicopter and is therefore free from the related capability, dimensional, and weight limitations. It is, however, transportable as an underslung load by CH-47 or internally by C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

The base Hilux is extensively modified and the standard crew cell is essentially removed from the floor pan upwards, and this is replaced with a MIRA-certified configurable ROPS frame that extends to the rear. The frame is configured to accept a variety of ring mounts, contains helicopter underslung mounting points, a rear tailgate, and attachment points for tubular doors and external stowage. Underbody skid plates and custom front and rear steel bumpers are fitted and feature a winch mount on the front and tow and recovery points.

Internally, in standard configuration the vehicle seats four in individual TEK Seating seats with four-point quick-release harnesses. The standard plastic dashboard and instrumentation package is removed and replaced with bespoke weatherproof displays. The design also adapts to accommodate a casualty evacuation system or transport 1-tonne pallets.

Automotively the Hornet retains the Hilux engine and gearbox options, and engine choices including units that comply with current EU emissions regulations or less stringent outside standards. The latter engine option is better-suited to prolonged use on military and lower grade fuels. All engine options can be uprated in power and torque if required, and are available coupled to a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission.

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