Eurosatory 2018

Confronting the future [ES18D3]

13 June 2018

Rheinmetall Defence has chosen Eurosatory to launch the latest version of its private venture Lynx KF41 tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

The KF41 is fitted with the latest Lance 2.0 turret, armed with the Wotan 35 dual-feed cannon, which fires standard 35x228mm ammunition with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. A unique feature of the Lance 2.0 turret is that it has a flexible mission pod fitted either side, which allows for the installation of subsystems, including two Spike anti-tank guided weapons, non-line of sight strike loitering munitions, UAVs or an electronic warfare package.

A computerised fire control system is fitted, as are Rheinmetall’s Stabilised Electro- Optical Sight System and Acoustic Shooter Location System, and an electronic architecture and battle management system.

The basic hull is of welded steel, to which a modular armour package and internal spall liners are fitted. Survivability is enhanced by the installation of a hard kill active defence system and the Rosy multispectral 360° smoke/obscurant system.

The KF41 has a gross vehicle weight of about 44 tonnes, with a stretch potential to 50 tonnes. It is powered by a Liebherr diesel engine developing 1,140hp, coupled to a Renk fully automatic transmission, which gives a top speed of 70km/h. It has a flexible suspension system developed by Australian company Supashock.

A key feature of the KF41 is a common drive module and a flexible mission module, which allows the end user to reconfigure the vehicle in eight hours to meet changing operational requirements, such as armoured personnel carrier, ambulance, command post vehicle and recovery vehicle.

The first example of the Lynx has taken part in the competition to supply the Czech Republic with up to 210 IFVs to replace its currently deployed BMP-2 vehicles, and Rheinmetall will also enter the Lynx to meet the Australian Army Land 400 Phase 3 requirement.

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