Eurosatory 2018

On the rampage [ES18D2]

12 June 2018

State-owned companies Israel Aerospace Industries and IMI Systems have joined forces to co-develop a supersonic air-to- surface guided rocket. The Rampage has been tested a number of times to clear safety issues associated with air launch and, while there are still more operational employment tests to be undertaken, the weapon is considered ready for production for an undisclosed customer.

IMI (Hall 6, Stand D732) brings a wealth of experience in armament, including air-launched munitions and long-range artillery rockets, while IAI (Hall 6, Stand F751) is heading the development of the navigation and targeting elements. The result is an affordable air-launched weapon that offers excellent air defence penetration characteristics.

Rampage has been developed as an accurate weapon to attack high-value targets from stand-off ranges. The weapon’s speed and attack profile make it a difficult weapon to intercept, and it can be programmed to fly trajectories and routes that minimise its exposure to air defences. IAI quotes the range as “hundreds” of kilometres. It has not disclosed speed or warhead weight, but states that the latter is “large”.

Typically an aircraft would carry four missiles, so a flight of four could fire 16 Rampages at a single target, all programmed to arrive from different directions to swamp the defences. Alternatively, they can be fired simultaneously at multiple targets. Different terminal attack angles can be preprogrammed to meet differing operational requirements.

Rampage is around 4.7m long, has a body diameter of about 30cm and a launch weight of 570kg. It can be carried by a range of aircraft types of Eastern and Western origin and requires no special adaptation for the aircraft. Guidance is by immune GPS, offering an accuracy of “centimetres”.

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