Eurosatory 2018

Skyranger counters UAVs [ES18D2]

12 June 2018

Switzerland-based Rheinmetall Air Defence (Stands C240-C201, External Pe6B) is showing its latest Oerlikon Skyranger Gun 35mm mobile air defence system on the rear of an ARTEC Boxer (8x8) multirole armoured vehicle (MRAV). This is already deployed in its basic armoured personnel carrier version by Germany and the Netherlands and is now entering service with Lithuania in the infantry fighting vehicle role.

Mounted on top of the rear mission module is the Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk 3 remote-controlled turret, armed with an integrated 35mm/90 calibre gas-operated Oerlikon Revolver Cannon. This has a maximum range in the air defence role of 4,000m, with a nominal rate of fire of 1,000 rounds a minute or a single-shot mode at a rate of fire of 200 rounds a minute.

For the air defence/anti-unmanned aerial vehicle role, it would typically fire the latest generation AHEAD (advanced hit efficiency and destruction) 35 x 228mm round. It can also counter low, slow and small targets, as well as some types of unguided mortar bombs, rockets and missiles.

Mounted on the turret roof is the tracking radar, which can be of the X-band or Ku-band type with an instrumented range of 30km.

Mounted coaxial to the left of the tracking radar is the electro-optical sensor package, which includes a high-definition television camera, infrared camera, eye-safe laser rangefinder and a video tracker.

The crew of two are seated in the mission module below the remote-controlled turret.

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