SOFEX 2018

Sharper sniper rifle [SOFEX18D2]

09 May 2018

Austrian manufacturer Steyr Mannlicher (Hall 1, Stand A125) has now evolved its SSG M1 sniper rifle to improve its shooting performance.

This is quite apart from retaining precision and reliability – the ‘traditional virtues’ in the company’s parlance.

The range of new features of the SSG M1 include an ambidextrous safety with the ability to load in the ‘safe’ position, a two-stage length-adjustable trigger and fully adjustable buttstock quick-interchangeable barrels to fire different calibre ammunition. This enables the firing of .338 Lapua Mag.

(8,6x70mm) and 7,62x51 NATO with barrel lengths of 508mm, 600mm and 690mm. It has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. Furthermore, the rifle sports a top picatinny rail 30 MOA, and a KeyMod fore end.

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